About Us

Rooted in Science

Established in 2021, Invity’s journey started with a mission to redefine lifespan through scientific explorations in phytochemistry and nutrition to make longevity achievable for everyone. Built on the humble belief that there is a way to surpass the current life expectancy with the power of technology and science, a community of scientists in Singapore came together to formalise a research programme to start focusing on metabolic pathways (NAD, Sirtuin and AMPK) in the human body. 


Our research laboratory specialises in unlocking cellular metabolic pathways through green chemistry, deriving formulations that help restore youthfulness to our skin and well-being. We believe that skin care is more than just keeping your skin moisturised. There is an opportunity to leverage this daily habit to do more than just basic care. We challenge the traditional forms and functions of products and invested more than necessary to ensure the efficacy, replicability, and safety of our award-winning anti-ageing solutions.

Ethics & Ethos

We are proud to stand by our principles because these pillars support the very foundation of our research -
sustainable and effective solutions to defy the impact of time on the human body.


Seed to Capsule

Vertical integration from R&D to finished product ensures we have control over transparency and consistency in our products.


Crowd Research

Cutting-edge research is a community effort. We are supported by a network of global scientists passionate about longevity and wellness.


Purity Matters

Purity impacts bioavailability. We work with independent accredited labs to test both raw materials and finished products for potency and accuracy.



Always vegan with natural or nature-identical ingredients. Longevity is for everyone, so it makes sense that our products suit your diet and lifestyle too.


Best in Class

GMP, FDA, USP, GRAS, ISO. These fancy acronyms may or may not mean a thing to you, but if it does, we've got you covered.


Results Driven

We're users of our products too so we expect the best, replicable efficacy for every formula and ingredient.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring you the most cutting-edge, science-backed solutions that can help us embrace ageing and become our most youthful selves in every way. Our scientific team focuses on NAD, AMPK and Sirtuin pathways research to develop novel ingredients and proprietary formulations proven to support and protect your skin from the inside-out.

Vertical Integration

As a vertically integrated research company, we have control and visibility of our products from farm-to-tablet (or in our case, farm-to-capsule). We oversee every aspect of production to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products. This ensures that our insistence upon safety and quality is met at every step in the production and supply chain, up to the product being delivered to your door.

Our Contributing Scientists

Dedicated researchers who devote themselves to creating high-quality products for you.

Dr. Eugene He

PD (Product Development)
ND (Naturopathic Medicine)

Dr. Eugene He is an award-winning entrepreneur, product formulator and biotechnologist from Singapore. He has a professional doctorate in product development and is also a naturopathic medicine specialist. With over 15 years of industry experience in developing celebrated skin care and wellness products, Eugene currently leads a global team of scientists in the research and development of epigenetic science-based therapeutics. Eugene and his team have screened over 250,000 natural compounds and are building multiple technology platforms to accelerate discoveries in the contribution to longevity science.


Dr. Mert Burak Ozturk

Ph.D., Biochemistry
M.Sc., Cancer Biology

Dr. Burak is a highly-knowledgeable biochemist & geneticist specialising in drug discovery and development with an experience of over 13 years. He is particularly passionate in the field of cell biology and in bridging the gap between academia and industry. He was previously a Research Fellow in A*STAR where he was involved in multiple cancer research and startup projects related to drug and target discovery. His research has also been published in prestigious journals such as Science and Nature.

Dr. Yiren Chen

Ph.D., Nanotechnology

Dr. Yiren believes that science and technology are key drivers to the advancement of our society. He led the Strategic Planning team at A*STAR, the national agency for science and technology research in Singapore. He brings to INVITY a wealth of experience across domains of technology from health and biomedical sciences, to advanced manufacturing and engineering.

Priya. V

M.Sc., Chemistry

Ms. Priya is a cosmetic formulator and product development specialist with 18 years of experience in the Cosmetic Industry. She has contributed to development of over 100 products including but not limited to creams, serums, gels, and lotions. Several of them were rewarded by a panel of international reviewers and mentioned in popular magazines. She has a keen interest in sourcing, evaluation, testing of products and is passionate about developing natural and clean beauty concepts.

Jay Toh

B.Sc. (Hons), Biotechnology

Jay is a trained biotechnologist specialising in drug production and development. He was previously a Research Associate at A*STAR. He was involved in multiple project pipelines on the characterisation of therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibody production for various diseases. He has a keen interest in biotherapeutics and phytotherapy, and he is passionate about developing health solutions from safe natural sources.